Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Black and White Wednesday #94-The Gallery

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"There is something really appealing about the simplicity of black-and-white images"
~Joseph Gordon-Levitt~

Welcome to the gallery of stunning black and white culinary images from our ever faithful aficionados of monochromatic technique. Black and White Wednesday will be taking a summer break for the month of August, but will return September 4. Those interested in hosting and/or taking part in Black and White Wednesday, I refer you to BWW rules and host line-up.


Tansuree-Ma Niche

Please do not use images or text without my permission. 


Simona said...

A very nice mix of images, from evocative to matter-of-fact, from ethereal to very concrete. Thank you so much for hosting!

Simona said...

And I love your composition!

Meena Kumar said...

Lynne,thank you so much for hosting this week's event.Loved seeing all the beautiful entries.

Satsuki said...

Thank you so much for hosting this gorgeous photo gallery, Lynne ^_^!

S Roy said...

Wonderful gallery. Thanks a ton for hosting the lovely pictures.

S Roy said...

Wonderful gallery. Thanks a ton for hosting the lovely pictures.

Cindystar said...

A very stunning gallery, could not end the month and welcome Summer break in a better way!
Would like to spend a word for each pic:

Milk & butter, nostalgic childhood rememberings,
Kitchen Gloves, funny click, should learn to use them more often :-),
Summer Salad, reflection & bokeh nice mood,
Cup of Coffee, love Nescafé and its little dots on the cup :-)
Cookies, nothing more exciting for me than this (double) star!:-)
To be Ground, almost realist aroma,
Venice Market Boat, so nostalgic!
Sunlight, so romantic and calm!
Indian Beans, catch the moment!
Artichokes, proud as a crown!
Silverware, so true yet precious!

Thanks Lynne for your work, thanks everybody for your pics, wish you happy holidays and goodbye to September! :-*

S Roy said...

Beautifully summed up. Reads almost like a poetry. Thanks Cindystar.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A wonderful collection of pictures! Thanks for hosting the event.

I really love your photo! Great composition.



Lynne Daley said...

Thanks, everyone and thanks Cindystar for your lovely words describing the photos!

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