Wednesday, May 07, 2008

DMBLGIT Winner-Edibility, April 2008

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Thanks to Sara of ms.Adventures in Italy for hosting the April edition of DMBLGIT, a very cool monthly competition of food bloggers. Also, thanks to the judges, Helen of Tartelette,Sara of The Kitchen Pantry, Susan of Food Blogga and Robyn of The Girl Who Are Everything for their effort in judging what must be a difficult task trying to decide who is chosen for each category. The photos get better and better each month!

I am very proud of having been chosen Edibility winner. Check out all the winners here. You can read my post here.


Barbara said...

Congratulations.It does look very edible.

bee said...

congrats!!! yummy-looking cupcake.

Lynnylu said...

Thanks, Barbara and Bee.

nipsum said...

How do you do.
I hope to see blog.
Please link to this site.

durianberry said...

Congratulations, Lynne! The berry is so shiny and such great contrast with the cupcake. The recipe looks great

Arfi Binsted said...

you took a great photograph, lynn. congrats!!

Lynnylu said...

nipsum-thanks for visiting.
arfi-I'm pleased you like my photo. Yours are always beautiful.

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